Tuesday, June 13

Reminder we are swimming tomorrow afternoon.


Monday, April 10

Good afternoon, for homework tonight,

L.A. – students are bringing home their Breadwinner quiz to show parents /guardians.  Please sign that you have seen their results.

Math – 2 questions : decide which fraction is bigger and why,

              4/9 vs 3/17. And 2/3 vs 3/8

We discussed using benchmarks today using 0, 1/2 and 1.  We asked ourselves which fraction is closer to the benchmark to find which is larger.

Have a good night!

Tuesday, Feb. 28

Last day of February…hard to believe!

Homework tonight:

L.A. – chapter 8 questions from the Breadwinner

Math – integer sheet

Your youth would have brought home a curriculum completion form last Friday with any incomplete assignments on there.  If they have completed everything then they can be dismissed Friday afternoon.  Please ensure that the green form is returned and signed tomorrow as our CC day is this Friday.